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NO. 67  Paphiopedilum robinsonianum William Cavestro 1501008.

A new species Paphiopedilum robinsonianum was discovered on Mount Buyu Lumut, eastern central Sulawesi, Indonesia by a group of botanists with A.S. Robinson and described in Rhone-Alpes Orchidees 52:10-15(2014)

Dorsal sepal ovate with a large green blotch at baseand in the center, twisted and heavily ciliate sepals and staminode transversely ellipticPaph. robinsonianum should not be confused with Paph. robinsonii. Paph. robinsonii is a synonym of Paph. bullenianum. The artificial hybrid, Paph. Robinsonianum ia an anvalid hybrid name synonymous with Paph. Euryale ( = lawreceanum x superbiens)

   Photo: N. Flaherty, C.C. Lee & A. Robinson
This new species is introducing in A garden's chronicle
with other photos.
Paphiopedilumm robinsonianum on a big mossy rock (Photo: Ch'ien C. Lee)
Paphiopedilum robinsonianum (A garden's chronicle)

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