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NO. 33 Some variety of Paph. purpuratum

 Two types of Paph. purpuratum were described as a new species and a new variety last year. It might be too late but I'll introduce them as follows.
(1) Paph. aestivum
Paph. aestivum was described in Act Phytotaxonomica Silica ,39(6):568- 570, 2001 by Do. Hong-Jan Lid. There is no difference between this new species and Paph. purpuratum. So, we will recognize it as a synonym of Paph. purpuratum.
(2) Paph. purpuratum var. hainanense
  Paph. purpuratum var. hainanense was described in Die Arcadia, 52(1):64.2001 by Do. Fang-Juan Lid and Do. Holder Parer. This plant was discovered in Hainan Island, China. There is big differences in leaves and shape of staminode, they say. But now, we can not identify it should be a new variety or forma, in truth.

This information was supplied by Mr. Olaf Gruss, a orchid friend of mine in Germany. Thank you Olaf.

(1) Paph. aestivum = Paph. purpuratum

(2) Paph. purpuratum var. hainanense

Can you identify the difference in the shape of staminode between them ?

Paph. purpuratum

in Viet Nam

Photo from Mr.Olaf Gruss

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