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NO. 20  Paph. x mindanaense

 The new species, Paph. mindanaense was recorded in Waling Waling Review by Andres S. Golamco, Jr. This plant was discovered from Mindanao Island, Philippine. Originaly, this plants was in the batch of paph. anitum in 1997. But after flowering, 2 plants that were labeled ' Red type ' were the new species, in truth the natural hybrid between paph. anitum and superbiens. The species, natiural hybirds was recorded as Paph. x mindanaense as foloows. This information was provided by a friend of mine on 991210.

The checking points of this plant are as follows.
1) Plants are smaller than Paph. anitum.
2) The upper leaf surface are lightly but distinctly tessellated.
3) The leaves are flattened to the sides are similar to Paph.        superbiens.
4) The leaf tips are somewhat more pointed.
5) The basal portion of each growth exhibits intense wine-maroon     pigmentation like paph. superbiens.
6) Paph. anitum and Paph. suprbiens are found growing side - by - side   in the same area.

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