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The Newly discovered Paphiopedilum NO. 13


Paph. bougainvillianum var. saskianum

Paph. bougainvillianum var. saskianum

A new undescribed variety of Paph. bougainvillianum from the Solomon Islands. This flower was displayed in the Orchid Congress held in Germany ,1999, March.

In Die Orchidee,50(5): 533 , 1999, Mr. Oraff Gruss recorded this spiesies officialy. I'll introduce it as follows from his description.

Paph. bougainvilleanum var. saskianum GRUSS et ROETH

 These plants were cultured in Germany more then 10 years labeled as Paph. bougainvilleanum. When the authors get more informations from Malaita, they decided to describe this new variety. There is nothing more known about the habitat on Malaita.
This variety from the Salomon - Island Malaita is different from the typical form by the bigger plant and flower, the colour of the leaves and flower. The leaves are 26.5 cm long and 6.6 cm wide, green - greygreen tesselated. The flower is 9.5 cm long and 7.3 cm wide in all flowersegments that is very similar to Paph. bougainvilleanum but always bigger (1,5 time)

Paph. bougainvilleanum

Paph. bougainvilleanum var. saskianum

The staminode of Paph. bougainvilleanum var. saskianum

The side shot of Paph. bougainvilleanum var. saskianum

The shot fron back of Paph. bougainvilleanum var. saskianum.

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