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The Newly discovered Paphiopedilum NO. 11


  Paph. potentianum

In truth, this new species has recorded a little bit earlier. But it was after that the genus paphiopedilum was added to the appendix 1. So it is valuable to show you this one as the newly discovered for you. This species, paph. potentianum was reported by Mr. Olaf Gruss and Mr. Juergen Roeth in the Italian journal Caesiana, 5: 39; This species was discoverd from Thailand. Some botanists said this is one of varieties of paph. callosum. We know we have many kinds of vrieties of Paph. callosum containing typical callosum , thailandense etc. But we can treat them all kinds of them are one if varieties of paph. callosum. Now we want to consider about the varieties. Many hobbyist love varieties because they can identify the tinny difference between the varieties we say. All species are the different species will not be always right. Now, weed the informations. Especialy, about the new species , paph. potentianum , they want to have informations as much as possible. If you ahve some information about Paph. potentianum, please send them to me or Mr. Olaf gruss directly. His e-mail address is and mine is As the reference of Paph. callosum variety, i'll introduce you the new variety, Paph. callosum v. vietnamense here again that I have proposed before.

The species is distinct from the other related species by the complete absece of warts on the petals, hispid hairs, 1.5 ~ 2 mm long on the front edge of the opening old the lip and the colour.

Refference:Paph. callosum v. vietnamense 

This species has the heavy warts on their petal contrasting with paph. potentianum mentioned above. The type of flower is similar to paph. thailandense but the substance of petal and dosal sepal is very thick and flowering so strongly. In Viet Nam, they have typical Paph. callosum and this variety is different from paph. thailandense, so I have proposed this variety's name is paph. callosum v. vietnamense. As the refference, I 'll introduce you again here.

Paph. callosum  v.


By the hobbyist in Ho Chi Mihn City, only one clone of the album form of this variety was discovered. The clone name is ' Mr. Tran '

Paph. callosum  (The typical type)

In Viet Nam, we don't know the distribution of typical paph. callosum in detail. At the first time, they said, they have paph. barbatum in Viet Nam. Of course, it was wrong and it was the typical callosum. The typical one has the big difference from Paph. callosum v. vietnamense as above.

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