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In this page, I'll introduce you to my favorite Home pages. Each home page is linked here. You click the site name, and visit there. Would you visit the sites ? @I expect you to enjoy in the site as me. But back to my site again, please.

Domestic Sites (JAPAN)

Japan Paphiopedilum Association (JPA) The official site of Japan Paphiopedilum Association. The report of Saloon in Utsunomiya and Paph meeting in Tokyo held every another month. The members are discussed Paphs in professionally.
Taguchi OrchidsNursery 050514
Taguchi Orchid Nursery is one of the wellknown nurseries which has old history in the northen Japan. They sale so many kinds orchids of course and the writings of visiting natural habitat of orchids around the world by himself is very interesting.
Ran(Orchid)Ran Life 041108 URL was moved.
A web site from Hiroshima Prefecture. We feel wormful life of him with orchids.
Photo Garally

A Web site from Kawasaki City. He loves orchids so much in minor genus. He is visiting various area looking for the orchids in his films. He will introduce the orchids in nature....is showing 1200 photos in his web site now. In future, he will make enrich his site and I'm looking forward visiting his site so often. How about you ?

Kansai Paph. Guild

The highest leveled of Paph. group in the west area of Japan. In the quarterly meeting, we will be able to see the highest leveled of Paphs and of discussion. Not only to visit the HP but also to visit their meetings when you have time.

Shonan Paph. Fan

Home page by one of crazy of Paphs like me. I'm very happy to see the site like this.

Sato's TokyoWalke-Club

The specific site for Cattleya, especially C. walkeriana and nobilior. In this web site, He is introducing their photographs of these species not only the famous and good-shaped plants but also natural and seedling plants in order that you can feel charms of species. The very good site for the beginners and also for the veteran.

Utsunomiya Orchid Society

The society which is located in my town. It is consist of the older and they prefer the good growing instead of the quality of each ochid. It is very warm too. Japanese only.

CSAE Japan

The japan branch of CSA in USA. They prefer Paphs much more than Cym. And they judge only paphs. Japanese only.

Paph. Appreciation

He is a crazy in paph. Especialy, he love Brachypetalum like bellatulum, concolor etc. I want to encourage a parson like him.


HP by Mr. K who love Paphs so much. He informed every month in Paphiopedilum, Horse Racing and Art Photograph.

MY Orchids

HP by a hobbyist who live in Mito City, Ibaraki pre. He love Paphs very much.

y-torii's@Home page

Support the information about various plants from scientific and horticultural stand points. Especially, he love Epimedium.

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