I'm looking for orchid friends in Paphiopedilums


Teo Shuan Hao @(Singapore)
Please let me know how to grow Paph in room.


@I hope that you could give me some advice on my paphiopedilum. I'm a complete novice to them but I loved them.I got one last year with beautifully mottled leaves. Now, I have a trouble. One of the older plants has leaves turning yellowish and now, it's turning brown. Is it normal. It has some new growths but it don't really much like the adult plants. The leaves are much smaller and are lighter in colour. One of the leaves also turns brown like the one. What's wrong. And what must be the suitable temperature to grow them. What about light?Can they be left outdoors in a tropical country.These questions may seem silly to you but I'm a real complete novice.Hope you'll reply soon...


Eric @( Hong Kong )
I'm looking for Paph. friends


@Hello, I am a Paph enthusiast in Hong Kong looking for Paph fans
friends. I have as many as 400 paphs including species & hybrids. The types of paph I like best are:
1. vini-color Maudiae Types
2. multiflorals hybrids from sanderianum & rothschildianum
3. parvis & brachys
4. standard Types including reds, freckles & greens
please contact me at makykw@netvigator.com


Craig Lim
I am looking for friends around the region who share the same hobby, growing paphs.

I have mixed results in growing paphs in Singapore.I am looking for friends around the region who share the same hobby and we can share notes on growing paphs.I am also keen to form a paph club in Singapore.

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