Remarkable flowers

Paph. venustum 'Miyakko'   Paph. venustum 'Orion'  
 Paph. venustum wardii fma. album 'Green Jade'  Paph. wardii 'New Vista'
 Paph. wardii 'Kawamoto'  Paph. wardii 'Jason No.2'
 Paph. wardii 'F. Yamamoto'  White Ribbon
  Paph. wardii 'Super Cool'  Paph. gratrixianum 'Monster'
 Paph. sukhakulii fma. album 'Inui'
 Paph. armeniacum 'Super Cool No. 2' Red Ribbon
Paph. Fumi's Delight 'Super Cool No.7' White Ribbon

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in Tokyo Dome 2002

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