Orchid Society of South Asia Show
in '99 ( No.2 )

The 3rd place of paphiopedilum
Paph. rothschildianum

The 1st place of Paphiopedilum
Paph. concolor

The first place of Cattleya
 Lc. Shellie Compton
    ' Touch of Class '
The second place of Cattleya.
 Lc. Derna '  Anderson '

The first place & Special Award of Renanthera.

Kagawara Christie Low

The first place of Phalenopsis Phal. ( venosa x Mount Kaala ). Rhctm
( Ladda Gold x Wrna Woie Ling )

Vandas including the awarded flowers. The second place of Phalenopsis. Phal. amboiensis

The singapore Orchid Garden put the name for hybrids after every king, president or prime minister who visited the garden. This Dendrobium has named as Den. Margaret Thatcher who visited here in 1986.

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