Oakland Orchid Show in '99 (No.2)

Paph. ( Macabre x Makuli )

Paph. Darling 'Christina' AM/AOS

Tommy Hanes x sukhakulii

Paph. Joan McLellan Taylor 'B#3'

Paph. Munhill 'Warwick'

Phrag. besseae 'Red Wing'

Phrag. Noirmont 'Tamara'

Phrag. hirtzii 'San Leandro'

A comment about this plant, Phrag. hirtzii above.
@This is not a Pharg. hirtzii because the staminode of hirtzii is always without hairs. Perhaps it is the natural hybrid Phrag. x roethianum (hirtzii X longifolium) which I have described one year ago together with Tom Kalina.
( from Mr. Olaf Gruss, Germany ,991207)

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