Fascination of Orchids
The International Orchid Show 2000 in Costa Mesa, CA

@The International Orchid Show 2000 was held from 3-6, Feb. in south cost plaza, Costa Mesa , CA. This show is the 20th anniversary and supported by Orange County Branch, Cymbidium Society of America and Newport Harbor Orchid Society. The title of show is ' Fascination of Orchids '. A look of the show will be introduced here.
@This information was supplied by Mr. Morris E. Schorr who is a member of the society. .

@The detail of this show is introduced on the site of his own and please visit the site when you want to know the information in detail and/or have a chance.

The big display in the entrance.

The good display in the show.

Many kinds of orchids in green plants.
Cym., Cat.. Phal. etc. A various kinds of orchids were introduced here.

A various kinds of Paph. flower were put on rocks. It is very interesting display.

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