World Orchd 2004 in Romantic Village

  World Orchids in Romatic Village was started as a orchid show for the hobbyists in friendly societies, asociations and any groups who love and want to enjoy orchids. We hope this show will be the space for mking orchid friends and exchage informations around the world. W will make this show by our own hands in order to enjoy orchids. The big show which a small society can not held will be able to organize by many small groupes. We expect many orchid friends join us and enjoy together.

From the15 th(Sat) to 23rd(Sun), May in 2004

A greeting by the president of this show

A greeting by Mayer of Utsunomiya


Milt. spectabilis `Waltz`
Grand Champion   Photo:Takashi Kamei

L. lobata `Jeni`
Reserve Champion Phto: Takashi Kamei

Paph. Evelyn Rollke `Big Wings`
The thied Place

Phrag. Inca Fire `Ranfan 2`

Den. aggregatum `Florida Sunshine`

Lc. Sweet Meringue `Ayaka`

Pot. Cosmo Zell` Yuki Uki`

Cymbidiella rhodochila `Sendai`

V. densoniana `Riverside`

Gram. La Reina `Takaragi`

Dtps.( Kyoto x pulcherrima)

The award in fragrance

Ency. baccalus `J&L`

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