Orchid Show
in Tsukuba Botanical Garden

The 1st Orchid Show in Tsukuba Botanical Garden was open from the 17th to 24th in Nov, 2002. The main member of Japan Paphiopedilum Association, Dr. Saito cooperated strongly and I helped them by photos. The theme is Paph. sanderianum and their hybrids. This report as supplied by Mr. Takashi Kamei. The followings are his report. Thank you Mr. Kamei.

Our member, Dr. Saito cooperated this show strongly
A orchid show was open from the 17th, Sun to the 24th, Sun, 2002 in Tsukuba Botanical Garden. Dr. Saito who is the member of us, Japan Paphiopedilum Association and the president of Tsukuba Orchid Society cooperated them very strongly. They have the special exhibition about Paph. sanderianum and Dr. Tanaka helped them by many Photos also. Dr. Saito had a lecture , ' Anybody can grow orchids easily ' in so many audience . I visited in 23rd and I'll introduce you some of them. ( Mr. Takashi Kamei )

The Orchid Show in Tsukuba Botanical garden

The representative orchid of show must be Cattily

The Christ mass will come soon

Dr. Saito and me, Mr. Kamei

The exhibited Paph. sanderianum and their hybrids.

The theme of special corner is Paph. sanderianum and their hybrids. Paph. sanderianum and some of their hybrids and many Photos by Dr. Tanaka was exhibited there.



Kolosand 'Riverside'

Jeri Lemacks x Lady Isabel
Angel Hair 'Toki' HCC/AJOS Phrag. Cardinale 'Birchwood' AM/AOS
Sander's Pride 'Riverside'@HCC/AJOS

Formosa Lady

The lecture by Dr. Saito

The sells booth by Mochzuki Orchid Nursery

Paph. insigne with variegated leaves.

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