The Annual Meeting of Kansai Paphiopedilum Guild in 2000

I have visited the the annual meeting of Kansai Paphiopedilum Guild held in the 5th, Mar.,2000. For this meeting, many members from Aich area preparing a bus visited. This group is developing step by step. Although I could not stay there for a few hours only but enjoyed so much for me and I have felt their enthusiasm enough in Paphs. In this meeting, many splendid Paphs were exhibited. So, I'll introduce you some of them that I was interested in .

(1) The Annual Meeting

Many Paphs exhibited on the tables.

The members were looked at their attracted Paphs.

Paphiopedilums for judging

Many members in the place of meeting

' I want like this...... ! '

He is talking about his own plants ardently.

A Lecture

Continue to the previous annual meeting, I gave the lecture for this meeting. The title was ' Paph. rothschildianum and it's hybrids ' . Showing a lot of Pictures of flowers concerning Paph. rothschildianum and told about the distinguishing characteristic of Paph. rothschildianum that might not be known by almost of all Paph. fans

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