The 54th German Orchid Congress of the German Orchid
Society (DOG)

The 54th. German Orchid Congress of the German Orchid Society (DOG) was held in Neu-Ulm, Germany, from the 24th to 26th in March, 2000. In this year, there were not so outstanding Paphs. and Phrags in the exhibition for the Paph. fans especialy.
But I think that I could find some interesting species and some not so often shown hybrids. Especialy the Phrag. hybrids show again the high quality of culture and breeding of this genus in Germany. These information was sent from Mr. Olaf Gruss , a friend of mine in Gerany. Thank you Olaf.

Paph. micranthum 'Woessen'

Paph. niveum album

Paph. amabile 'Woltho'

Paph. amabile 'Woltho'

Paph. druryi 'Achental'

Paph. sangii 'Tonn'

Paph. lowii 'Strub'

Paph. ( malipoense
X victria-regina )

Paph. ( victria mariae
X rothschildianum )

Paph. ( Maudiae
X sanderianum )

Paph. Delrosi

Paph. ( supardii X glaucophyllum )

Paph. ( Pinocchio X delenatii )

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