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In this page, I'll introduce the good news including how to grow Paph. some products for growing etc. in the various kinds of fields in Paph.. CM about fertilizer and some activators will be all right. If you have some good information, please let me know. Thank you. E-mail to Dr. Tanaka :

Chilean Sphagnum Moss
TEL & FAX: 56-65-430140

From the clean and uncontaminated swamps of southern Chile, a well known country because his engagement with quality and seriousness,we supply a fin stuff for orchids' lowers. At this moment, only wholesale orders. Because our lower costs, we can transfer to our customers the best price alternative to help them to compete in the market. All the production process makes by hand. Harvesters pick up only first quality moss, which is dried and cleaned form botanical impurities in plastic covered racks, where air and sun dry it to acceptable levels. Then is packed in several types of packages to suit all customers' needs, from 150 g bag up to 40 kg bales. Pictures show a 150 g and a 5 kg bag , full with a premium quality moss as showed.
For price information, samples, etc, please contact us by e-mail, fax or telephone

150 g, with dimensions in 26 x 13 x 8 cm 5 Kg with dimensions in 30 x 30 x 40 cm 
These are packed 20 in a carton ,in plain bags ( no printed) Depending the quantity of these packing, we can also print your logo and instructions (like other Japanese customers). Our CIF prices per 20'FCL, in any port in Japan are:
5 Kg US$ 4,12 per kilo or 150 g US$ 1,10 per bag
This also include certificates ( Phytosanitary and Origin), Insurance, and
all type of commercial papers.
For more details ,and if you need better pictures, please let us know.

Bat Guano from Thailand
Mr. Komsan Piamchon           010823
KSR Intertrade Co.,Ltd. 198 Itsaraphap Rd., Watkalaya Thonburi,
Bangkok 10600, Thailand
Tel&Fax :(662)750-5806, E-mail

What is Guano? Guano is gathered from bats around the world. Very high in trace elements, NPK varies with the type of Guano 100% organic, Guano is highly concentrated and can be mixed with your soil, spread on the top of soil as a side dressing, or made into a tea and used in hydroponics.
Excellent organic food for your plants.Bat Guano has been used in agriculture in many regions for hundred of years. Bat Guano can be safely used as a fertilizer, both indoor and outdoors and will benefit vegetables, herbs, flowers, all ornaments and fruit and nut trees. Bat Guano is provided in the ready to use condition, throughly aged to the vintage state of a good natural fertilizer. Guano can be used inside or outdoors for all living plants.

Bat Guano-High Nitrogen (8-4-1)
It is composed of 8% nitrogen, 4% phosphorus , and 1% potassium. It is rich, fluffy and naturally high in nitrogen and trace elements. Since it is so fast acting, it makes a great potting soil mixer. Recommended for all houseplants, vegetables, fruits trees, flowers, lawns, and ornamentals.
Bat Guano-High Phosphorus (4-10-1)
Vintage phosphorus material designed by nature as a plant food. Bat Guano contains the necessary nutrients for promoting root and bud development. Recommended for all fruits, flowers and vegetables.
Please contact to: Mr. Komsan Piamchon, Oversea Mageting Manager
c/o K.S.R.Intertrade Co.,Ltd, 198 Itsaraphap Road, Watkalaya,
Thonburi,Bangkok 10600, Thailand
TEL: 66-2-4310341 to 4, E-mail :
NOTE : Our companyユs policy is , wants to sell like mass volume, clearly speaking, we would like to export for container size ( Minimum volume).</