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In this page, I'll introduce the good news including how to grow Paph. some products for growing etc. in the various kinds of fields in Paph.. CM about fertilizer and some activators will be all right. If you have some good information, please let me know. Thank you. E-mail to Dr. Tanaka :

The recommended compost Seraton 030124 

 Now, we will be able to obtain the compost Seraton that contains ceramics richer and is recommended in ' How to grow Paphiopedilums ' on my site. This stone is produced in the very narrow and limited area in northern Japan. You can use this stone instead of the usual volcano stone or Hyuga stone. It works as the same function as stone and has other function that irradiate Far Infrared Rays and like activated carbon, charcoal. In truth, I want it to sell in any gardening shop. Now I asked Supply Control Co, Ltd to sell.

 But there is a big problem. This area is buried deep in snow in winter and they can not produce anymore. So, they can prepare from spring to fall. When we use them in early spring, we can not get the compost unfortunately usually and we have to prepare them before. Furthermore, Supply control Ltd can not keep them so long time in large quantity. So, they will sell this compost by subscription. Please understand this situation and cooperate. For the person who has never use this compost, I recommend to use this in this time.

Production:Supply Control Co, Ltd 
〒320-0836 3-1-13 Yamato-Cho, Utsunomiya -Shi, Tochigi-Ken, JAPAN 
e mail : "k.takahashi" <>
TEL 028-658-9660 FAX 028-658-9775
They will deliver freely for the Saloon or the meeting of JPA when you order.

Price a bag (18L) 1500yen (Please order above 2 bags)
S: diameter about 5mm 
M: diameter 10 ~ 15mm  
L: diameter 15 ~ 20mm 
This price does not contain transporting charge. You order to the company directly.

The results of Far Infrared Rays Irradiation

The magnified surface indicate porous condition

Supply Control Co. Ltd
    Ceramics Balls 
will be available in low price

Production:Supply Control Co, Ltd 
〒320-0836 3-1-13 Yamato-Cho, Utsunomiya -Shi, Tochigi-Ken, JAPAN 
e mail : "k.takahashi" <>
TEL 028-658-9660 FAX 028-658-9775

 Ceraheat ( Patented Ceramics by Supply Control Co. ) is introducing my article on my site , ' Making use Far Infrared Rays in growing orchids ' and now the researching committee of Japan Paphiopedilum association ( JPA ) is trying to make plastic pots including ceramics which will supply Far Infrared Rays. The company is known well in Ceramics Ball of which we use in our life especially in cooking. We want to use these balls in growing orchids, Paphiopedilums. About Far Infrared Rays, please see my article mentioned above. We asked the company to sell the balls in low price and now it has been available. Please try and enjoy these balls in this chance.

The price introduced is lower than the wholesale price for their business. Furthermore, for the members of JPA and of Kansai Paph Guild will have more service. Please check the official site of JPA .
Distribution prices 
A: 50mm wholesale price 500 yen x   3pcs = 1500 yen
It is convenient in the tank for watering and bath.
B: 30mm wholesale price 300 yen  x 10pcs = 3000 yen 
The common using balls. It is very convenient for cooking. You may use them in a humidifier.
C: 20mm wholesale price 150 yen x  20pcs = 3000 yen
Good for your important Paphs besides. Also good for your drinking and water.
                   Total   7500yen → 6500 yen
This price is including handling and shipping cost. Please contact the company directly.

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