The awarded and/or marvelous Paphiopedilums
judged in individual class

(b) Hybrids NO.1

Norito Hasegawa 'Jyakusho'

Ma Bell 'Akiko'

Wossner Bellarmi ' Nakatoh'

Pink banditt ' Lave Song'

Lebeau 'Bios King'

Angel Hair 'Takehiko'

Lady Isabel ' K&T'

Jerry Spence 'Ocean #2'

St. Swithin 'Yubun'

( phlippinense x Hamana Passion) 'Michie'

Royal Wedding ' Aya'

(appletonianum x sanderianum ) 'Hitachi'

Gold Dollar ' Lorelei'

Sweet Sato 'Happy Bell'

Translie 'Takashi'

Lyrica Dream 'Ohyama'

Apple-Master 'Hide'

Jason Fisher 'Hide'

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in Tokyo Dome 2004