The awarded and/or marvelous Paphiopedilums
judged in individual class

(b) Hybrids NO.2

Hortense 'Emi'

Julia Bell ' Poco Poco '

Macabra 'Black Panther'

Macabra 'Hisako'

(Ruby Mist x Macabre) 'Freckle Face'

(Shademaster x Cocoa Cherry) 'Lorelei'

(Goultenianum x Mishima Citron)
'Golden Leaf'

(Red Maude x Shadowmaster)
'Strawberry Yui'

(Red Maude x Shadowmaster) 'Lorelei''

(Cnticle xMacabre) 'Hanakujyaku'

Maria da Guia 'Little Sister'

( California Queen x micranthum) ' Aki '

( armeniacum x pacific Ocean) 'CoCo'

Maisie Gay 'Tsukuba'

Poo Tree 'Mem. Motoo Kimura'

Ruby Touchstone 'Glimmer'

(Winston Churchill x Wellesleyanum) 'Bon'

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in Tokyo Dome 2004