How to grow bigger Brachypetalum


The big plant of Paph. bellatulum shown on the left was transplanted more than 10 years ago. During this period, I have never touched the compost. As you can see the photo on the left, this plant grows vigorously. Experiencing this, I felt that I have gotten some technique to grow bigger plants of Brachypetalum. After 10 years growing in that pot, the plant looks like keeping the total number of plants. This plant has about 10 ~12 growths and does not loose the old growths.

 There are so many Paph fans who love Brachypetalums but do not know how to grow them well. Of course, I'm one of them. I believe, however, that I 'm constantly learning, on how to grow Brachypetalums well from my long experience. I know that my way is not the ideal one. Many Paph fans know that to grow Paph well is very difficult, and to grow Brachypetalum is way more difficult. I should say that we need special technique to grow Brachypetalum. But these problems maybe hit for Japanese only. Since it is exceedingly difficult to grow bigger Brachipetalum plants, it might be a dream for the fans of Brachypetalum. Now, I want to share my procedure to help to reach the dream in this site. You may need to modify this way and try to make bigger plants in your own green house.

 About 10 years ago, growers of Paphiopedilums in Japan used only sphagnum moss to grow Paphs. In this case, I have introduced the way of growing Paph by using the mix compost of stone and woody materials. Of course, this is not my original idea. Because growers in USA and Europe have used the similar mixture for a long time. I modified the rate and the kinds of materials fitted for Japan. But at first, the way was criticized by the veterans especially. At many occasions, I was invited by some well know nurseries and asked to introduce the way practically. It seemed that they thought it was very good one and would accepted in the nurseries. I was very happy to hear that. But after a few weeks later, I was disappointed to see the plants re-transplanted with sphagnum moss again when I visited the nursery again. But now, It is custom and very useful way to use the mix compost for growing Paphiopedilum and especially for Brachypetalum.

 The basic procedure is not changed from the starting point. In detail, I show on the another site for growing Paphiopedilums and please check the site if you want to know.

Now, I have to go back talking about how to grow bigger plants of Brachypetalum. The fundamental point is very simple as follows,

Never transplant ! ’ 

 I believe that the technique is dependent on how to avoid transplanting. Therefore, I'll begin to introduce how to grow.... from now.

 Once again, as I have mentioned before, the way that I am showing here in not the ideal one. This is my procedures based on my experience. You may criticize to the way and please send your own idea and procedures to me and to this site. I want to share your way in this site also.

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