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Genealogy of Lc. Tropical Sunset
Lc. Tropical Sunset = C. Horace x Lc. Tropic Glow (1989) Registered by Ejiri, K.

C. trianaei C. mendelii
C. Horace C. Queen Mary
1938 1911 C. warneri
C. Woltersiana C. dowiana
1923 C. Empress Frederick
1956 C. mossiae
C. Rajah
Lc. Tropical Sunset 1919 C. mossiae
1989 C. Enid
1898 C. warscewiczii
C. aclandiae
L. milleri C. Eurydice C. dowiana
Lc. Tropic Glow 1895 C. labiata C. Hardyana
1979 Lc. Hawaiian Glow 1856 C. warscewiczii
1979 C. bicolor Lc. Haroldiana
Lc. Hawaiian Sunset 1901 L. tenebrosa
1953 Lc. Calizona
1941 C. dowiana
C. Triumphans
1904 C. rex

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