Genealogy of Paph. Hilary
Paph. Hilary = Paph. Florence Spencer x Paph. Freya (1935) Registered by Alexander H. G.

Paph. insigne
Paph. Actaeus Paph. insigne
1895 Paph. Leeanum
Paph. Florence Spencer 1884 Paph. spicerianum
Paph. spicerianum
Paph. Memoria Jerninghamiae Paph. druryi
1905 Paph. Winnianum
1886 Paph. villosum
Paph. Hilary Paph. insigne
1935 Paph. Actaeus Paph. insigne
Paph. insigne 1895 Paph. Leeanum
Paph. Golden Fleece 1884 Paph. spicerianum
1915 Paph. Antinous
1908 Paph. insigne
Paph. Freya Paph. Nitens
1930 Paph. J Howes 1877 Paph. villosum
Paph. fairrieanum Paph. villosum
Paph. Monte Paph. insigne
1912 Paph. Nitens
1877 Paph. villosum

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